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Going Pro: American Soccer

March 2014

In 2012, I set out to make a documentary on an amateur soccer team from Brooklyn. Prior to this idea, I fell back in love with my childhood passion - soccer. Once I learned about this team in nearby Brooklyn I became obsessed with sharing my soccer passion to others through film. With a final budget of under $10k I filmed this documentary with friend and fellow cinematographer, Joe Williams. It took about 10 months to edit and was finally released in March 2014. Additional info below -


There is one thing on the minds of all players in the Premier Development League - going pro. Known as the 4th division in the US soccer pyramid, the PDL has provided roughly 60% of the players in the MLS. Going Pro: American Soccer takes you into the locker room and onto the field with the Brooklyn Knights during their PDL season. Witness the power of a dream, and the sacrifices required to fulfill it as we follow the players on and off the field in this intimate sports documentary.

Directed, Produced, Edited by Sebastian Podesta

Co-Produced by Joe Williams

Cinematography by Sebastian Podesta & Joe Williams

Music by Lucas Brode

Sound Design by Dustin Camilleri

Color Grade by Niger Miles

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